Mental Health – Help & Recovery

Mental health. Let’s all pause for a moment and really look at those two words, and what they mean. Mental - relating to the mind, carried out or taking place in the mind. Informally, and stigmatically, meaning insane or crazy. We use this phrase when we think someone is off in the head by saying… Continue reading Mental Health – Help & Recovery

A Call to Action for Schools

Taking action to change anything in the system, whether political, economical, or through the schools, takes time and effort. I am starting now to propose a different day for the Light it Up Blue day that our school system does every year. My first step was to contact the principal of my school. I sent… Continue reading A Call to Action for Schools

IEP Meetings – How They Should All Be

I pull up to my 6-year-old’s new school. He’ll be starting kindergarten and I called an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting for him. Backing the truck into a spot I feel my anxiety go into overdrive. I’ve been rehearsing in my head what to say, what I think he’ll need, how to accommodate and make… Continue reading IEP Meetings – How They Should All Be

Processing, 5 Year Olds, and Puppies

The other day I had one of those parenting moments where I lost my cool. I think every parent does this. I tried to keep my patience but one crazy moment of not listening after another and suddenly I’m screaming instead of using my nice voice or even frustrated voice. In this case my son… Continue reading Processing, 5 Year Olds, and Puppies