Mental Health – Help & Recovery

Mental health. Let’s all pause for a moment and really look at those two words, and what they mean. Mental - relating to the mind, carried out or taking place in the mind. Informally, and stigmatically, meaning insane or crazy. We use this phrase when we think someone is off in the head by saying… Continue reading Mental Health – Help & Recovery

Friendships & Being Actually Autistic

Like many common misconceptions about being autistic, friendship seems to be one that comes up a lot. When my son first went for his diagnosis the therapist pointed out that he seems great socially, makes eye contact, and can carry on conversations that are age appropriate, even though he filled in a lot of his… Continue reading Friendships & Being Actually Autistic

Mental Illness – An Update, The Stigma, and The Truth

A few weeks ago I talked about my recent mental break and history of anxiety. So here’s a little update: I have a good team to help me. I already had a great therapist, my husband is the best person I could imagine going through all this with, and I found a wonderful new APRN… Continue reading Mental Illness – An Update, The Stigma, and The Truth