Mental Health – Help & Recovery

Mental health. Let’s all pause for a moment and really look at those two words, and what they mean. Mental - relating to the mind, carried out or taking place in the mind. Informally, and stigmatically, meaning insane or crazy. We use this phrase when we think someone is off in the head by saying… Continue reading Mental Health – Help & Recovery

Autistic Advocacy in the Schools: An Update

Before I launch into this blog update I’d just like to say that I know how lucky I am to live where I do. We are in an area that has huge support from the schools for their students. Our taxes are high, but they support some amazing parks, and more importantly, they give the… Continue reading Autistic Advocacy in the Schools: An Update

A Call to Action for Schools

Taking action to change anything in the system, whether political, economical, or through the schools, takes time and effort. I am starting now to propose a different day for the Light it Up Blue day that our school system does every year. My first step was to contact the principal of my school. I sent… Continue reading A Call to Action for Schools

IEP Meetings – How They Should All Be

I pull up to my 6-year-old’s new school. He’ll be starting kindergarten and I called an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting for him. Backing the truck into a spot I feel my anxiety go into overdrive. I’ve been rehearsing in my head what to say, what I think he’ll need, how to accommodate and make… Continue reading IEP Meetings – How They Should All Be

Friendships & Being Actually Autistic

Like many common misconceptions about being autistic, friendship seems to be one that comes up a lot. When my son first went for his diagnosis the therapist pointed out that he seems great socially, makes eye contact, and can carry on conversations that are age appropriate, even though he filled in a lot of his… Continue reading Friendships & Being Actually Autistic

Explaining the Under Explained – Anxiety

I had recently posted a blog update about depression and trying to explain it to people that have never experienced it. Anxiety is a tougher one to try to explain to people and help them understand exactly what happens when your system begins to go into anxiety attacks and you develop an actual anxiety disorder… Continue reading Explaining the Under Explained – Anxiety

Labels, Acceptance, & Neurodiversity

As we come up on April 2, which is National Autism Awareness Day, I thought I’d write a post about my experience with this day and what it means to me now. Why my label of being actually autistic is important. There are lots of posts out there about this day and many people’s experience… Continue reading Labels, Acceptance, & Neurodiversity

Level Up Yoshi!

I mentioned in my last blog post that I'm looking into training Yoshi as a full service dog so I can feel like I can be out in public with more ease with my anxiety disorder. It hurts my heart to say that we just don't have the funds to be able to pay for… Continue reading Level Up Yoshi!

Mental Illness – An Update, The Stigma, and The Truth

A few weeks ago I talked about my recent mental break and history of anxiety. So here’s a little update: I have a good team to help me. I already had a great therapist, my husband is the best person I could imagine going through all this with, and I found a wonderful new APRN… Continue reading Mental Illness – An Update, The Stigma, and The Truth

Processing Metaphor

I just posted an entry about autistic processing and what I believe makes autistics just different enough to get that label but makes neurology such a vast and diverse thing. You can read the long entry in its entirety here. I know not everyone will actually take the time to read that massive entry, though.… Continue reading Processing Metaphor